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    Is my ram supported on my Mobo? Plz Help


      Im having some crashes on my ryzen machine

      Not overclocked all default settings etc..

      It shouldnt be crashing during idle random times...

      So i checked my motherboards CVL and i cant find the exact stick im using on there...

      There is one on there that has very similar model number its off by 2 digits at the end does that matter??

      Anyways my motherboard is Asus Prime a320m-k

      And my ram is 2 sticks of Crucial 4gb ddr4 2400 model CT4G4DFS824a.

      The one that is listed on CVL is CT4G4DFS8213 see its off by the last 2 digits..

      Also the one im using the exact model is not on there...

      Is this why im unstable????