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    Ryzen build keeps crashing help?


      Hey everyone,


      Im having somes issues ever since i build this pc few months ago..

      Anyway my ryzen pc will randomely crash/lockup it mostly happens during idle,

      Cause every time i game it hasnt happened only when its on the destop idling..

      Nothing is overclock my motherboard cant even OC its a asus prime a320m,

      All bios settings are set to auto and it is updated to latest bios, also my mobo drivers,gpu etc.. all updated

      The specs are Amd Ryzen 5 1500x stock

      ASUS Prime a320m mobo

      Crucial 8 gb ddr4

      Radeon RX 550 2gb gpu

      Kingston SSD storage..

      Ive tried everything i cannot figure this out please help guys??

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          Also i found out that thr CVL supported memory of my motherboard is missing the ram module im using... is it that why its unstable
          I checked the whole ram list and its not there but there is one that is very close to it tho and almost the same..
          My motherboard is asus prime a320m-k
          The supported ram that is listed is crucial ct4g4dfs8213
          But my ram is cruial ct4g4dsfs824a so yeah slighlty different does it matter?? The one i have is not listed exactly..