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I would like to test a GPU vram based painting program called 'Verve Painter', to see what are the max canvas resolution with AMD Vega GPU

Question asked by eduardobedoya on Nov 6, 2018
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Hi all AMD user

I was wondering if a kind AMD Vega user (or perhaps the good AMD team) could do a test of a GPU based program called 'Verve Painter'

it is a FREE digital painting program that is based on GPU vram to run its fluids simulation, the bigger the vram the bigger the canvas resolution in which it can paint.

I was wondering what could be the maximum canvas resolution using the new AMD Vega architecture,

hope some good AMD fellow could do me the favor, many thanks advanced.


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This is the painting app forum, there are some NVIDIA tests there, but there isn't any AMD Vega test, so I thought to ask here, many thanks again.

PD: the program is very little and can be downloaded on that website too. Taronites • View topic - DOWNLOAD VERVE (v0.99w.05)


to do the test:

press hotkey "F" to change the Fluids dial, set it to 50% or 100%,

press hotkey "]" to increase the Brush Size,

start to paint, changing the colors as you like trying to cover all the canvas,

press hotkey "Shift F2" to Crop/Expand the canvas, then Expand the canvas a bit and save it as *.vrv file, close the program and reopen what you saved.


The test is about seeing what is the maximum canvas size in which you can save a *.vrv file and reopen it without problems.

please do the test with some fluids paint on the canvas, and perform the test first with a single layer, then with two layers, and so on.


If you can do a Vram test during the program run, it would be very appreciated. I think it has a some sort of limitations, cuz in the Verve forum it is said that a NVIDIA 1080ti has the same res limit than a NVIDIA 1080, though the 1080ti can handle more layers. Please check this link (the post made by Trufo)

Taronites • View topic - Everyone, what Graphics Card are you using?


Many thanks Advanced.