IL-2 Sturmovik : The Great Battles

Discussion created by flanker35m on Nov 5, 2018



I scoured the forums and it seems latest enquiries are quite dated regarding the title game. Same issues do still persist, like overriding settings(AF, FSAA etc.) do have little to no effect. The game engine has now been updated to DirectX 11 and 64-bit from earlier DirectX 9 and 32-bit. This brought some performance boosts etc. but in general AMD cards are lagging behind nVidia in this title. Is it a driver issue or simply a game engine issue? Has AMD been in touch and in co-operation with the developers to implement improved driver support? Asking because this title is expanding quite nicely now from Eastern Front towards Western Front(Ardennes 1945) that might interest many US based players.


I run this title on AMD based system: Radeon RX Vega64, Ryzen 2700X, ASUS Crosshair VII X470 motherboard, G.Skill FlareX DDR4 3200MHz, AOC Agon Freesync monitor etc. As drivers I use latest Adrenalin 18.10.2 and latest chipset drivers. Motherboard has latest version 804 BIOS. Resolution used is 2560x1080 and game settings maxed out except shadows, grass on normal or medium. Disabled SSAO and HDR as they had an extensive hit on frame rates, up to 30fps in certain situations. Game runs decently at 70 to 120 FPS, but that is less than systems using cheaper models of GTX cards, like 1060 or 1070.


It would be tremendously appreciated if AMD could take a look in this title. It is sad to see people sway away from AMD GPUs just because the other brand fares better by a margin. AMD did work with the original IL-2 series and it did cure many issues and brought performance gains across the board. Thank you for reading! Any tips are welcome.