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Finding the physical adapters only (ADL)

Question asked by jungle on Nov 5, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2018 by hego555

I am using ADL to query gpu information. The issue I have is that I only want to get information from cards that physically exist in the system.


In the docs it says that AdapterInfo.iPresent should indicate whether the adapter is present. However when I use in on a machine with 1 GPU I see 15 present adapters, all with the same bus number. AdapterInfo.iExist also has the same problem, and it is windows only so even if it did work I need Linux as well.


So if I use ADL2_Adapter_Active_Get this fixes the problem on the single GPU machine and only shows one active GPU. But when I run it on a machine with multi GPUs I only see the ones with displays plugged in.


Is there a way to find the information for the physical cards that exist ?

Should I be using a different library to ADL ?