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Ubuntu 18.04 Drivers Incompatible with Ubuntu 18.10.

Question asked by qoglesby97 on Nov 4, 2018

I've been dealing with this for a week, and have caved into human interaction for support. Fair warning. This is post is going to be a bit of a mess.



When I using using Ubuntu 18.04 I had the AMDGPU-PRO drivers installed on my computer. Easy peasy. I upgraded to 18.10 a week ago, and everything has been all screwy since. From what I can tell I'm missing a huge package from the AMD GPU drivers. That's the "amdgpu-core" package. The terminal recommends running "sudo apt --fix-broken install". Here is a pastebin of the output: But I can't fix the package because it's incompatible. I've tried to recursively delete the folder specified in the terminal in which everything is contained (/var/opt/amdgpu-pro-local).


I could just wait for the release of 18.10 drivers, but I don't know how long that will take, and the terminal screams at me every time I try to do anything with packages or installing. In fact I can't even run "sudo apt-get update" and "sudo apt-get upgrade" anymore since these unmet dependencies exist.


Is there someway to resolve this? Delete them? Force them to update?


Thanks for your help.