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Thread Stuck In Device Driver BSOD. Again...

Question asked by renner on Nov 4, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by renner

Well, I thought this was solved when I jumped onto a Threadripper system, from my previous Ryzen. But I was wrong. It started back when I used 18.9.1 drivers, even though everything was running just fine for some time, suddenly I started getting BSODs with thread_stuck_in_device_ driver most of the time, and sometimes memory_management_internal, or something like that. It happens when I'm mining, both cards downclocked and undervolted, it really happens randomly. Sometimes its running for a whole day without any issues, sometimes it takes a couple of hours, sometimes even minutes, like now when I was brushing my teeth… And I'm now with the latest 18.10.2 release, DDUd everything, and all…


My specs are: TR 1900X, Vega 64 Strix Crossfire, 2x16GB 2666MHz RAM, Win10 Pro with the latest updates, with Seasonic Prime Gold 1000W PSU. I downloaded this thingy called BSOD View, and it generated this:




And here it is now with video_memory_management_internal BSOD...




Hope it helps.


Edit Nov14: The thread doesn't let me to make more replies, so I have to edit again. I reinstalled Windows, and so far so good. Mining for days now without any crashes. However, I'm unable to properly install my Creative X-Fi Titanium HD sound card. Now I'm suspecting that those thread stuck in device driver BSODs might be related to it. We'll see how it goes, I ordered a new sound card.


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