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    Thread Stuck In Device Driver BSOD. Again...


      Well, I thought this was solved when I jumped onto a Threadripper system, from my previous Ryzen. But I was wrong. It started back when I used 18.9.1 drivers, even though everything was running just fine for some time, suddenly I started getting BSODs with thread_stuck_in_device_ driver most of the time, and sometimes memory_management_internal, or something like that. It happens when I'm mining, both cards downclocked and undervolted, it really happens randomly. Sometimes its running for a whole day without any issues, sometimes it takes a couple of hours, sometimes even minutes, like now when I was brushing my teeth… And I'm now with the latest 18.10.2 release, DDUd everything, and all…


      My specs are: TR 1900X, Vega 64 Strix Crossfire, 2x16GB 2666MHz RAM, Win10 Pro with the latest updates, with Seasonic Prime Gold 1000W PSU. I downloaded this thingy called BSOD View, and it generated this:




      And here it is now with video_memory_management_internal BSOD...




      Hope it helps.


      Edit Nov14: The thread doesn't let me to make more replies, so I have to edit again. I reinstalled Windows, and so far so good. Mining for days now without any crashes. However, I'm unable to properly install my Creative X-Fi Titanium HD sound card. Now I'm suspecting that those thread stuck in device driver BSODs might be related to it. We'll see how it goes, I ordered a new sound card.


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          Yeah, thank you for your very useful and helpful comment... I leave my PC to mine when I'm at the work, on my 12 hours shift, or when I'm sleeping. I'm also playing a lot, but didn't notice these issues till now. Also, a friend of mine with Vega Frontier Edition Crossfire mentioned via Discord he saw thread stuck in device driver BSOD while he was installing the 18.10.1 driver. I'm reporting in hopes that it will be fixed. Or if not to RMA ma card(s) and see what can be done.