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    VSR "not supported" after 18.10.2


      OS: WIN 10

      GPU:RX Vega 64 LC

         Driver: 18.10.2


      Display: Acer XG270HU 2560x1440 144hertz

      CPU: I7-4790k

      RAM: 16GB ddr3 1600mhz



      So after updating to the latest driver I noticed that after toggling VSR (Because at first it let me enable it as usual) but once I turn it off it says it's "Not Supported" and doesn't let me re-enable it. I haven't figured out how to let me enable it again but twice now I've caught it letting me enable it but once I turn it off it stays that way. Rebooting for example doesn't help.


      Anyone else having this issue on 18.10.2? Not an issue on 18.9.3