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GSmartSwitch fails to work with AMD Radeon

Question asked by blackrabies on Nov 4, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by blackrabies

I've had this problem before after having this system removed completely from my PC. Got Destiny 2 for free from Blizzard decided to play that to somewhat stress test the PC.

It crashed after 20min

error code: broccoli

"BROCCOLI errors indicate there has been an issue detecting the player's GPU and are commonly caused by a driver crash.

To attempt to mitigate this error, players should always ensure that their Operating System and Graphic Drivers are up-to-date with the latest version."


decided to reinstall AMD Radeon up to date and AGAIN something about having this program on my PC makes my GSmartSwitch no longer work. Can no longer use the main window key on the bottom right corner so i have to find weird alternate ways through the files through the control panel via right clicking the screen ---> personalize ----> control panel.


edit: meant to Ctrl+C to copy and save to post later. must've fat fingered something to save and post instead. going through other PC updates still.


If i can't find a fix for this I'll just have AMD removed and keep it off. Been fine w/o it for the last year. The most demanding game on my PC is StarCraft 2 when there's too many units in game then frame rate just tanks until they're removed. Other than that it's Heroes of the Storm, runs with no issues and everything else has simple graphics.


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