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    Raydeon 580 lags badly.


      I bought this new last year, and it runs fine with older games from around 2012, but for some reason some of the newer games 2015 have severe lag.


      Here is what happens. I can hold down the key for "forward". My game character will pause for a second, then move only a few steps even though I'm still holding down the forward key.


      With my old Nivida card I hold down the key for forward, and my character keeps moving forward until I take my finger from the forward key.


      With the Raydeon card, its like I hit a key, there is a pause, then the action takes place. Its kinda like the computer has to make up its mind on what to do.


      Every movement is like this, hit a key, wait, hit a key wait. However, the mouse moves just fine.


      I always keep the drivers updated, so I don't know what the problem can be. I've tried rebooting the games, selecting much lower graphics, etc, still no luck.


      I'm going to reinstall my old Nivida 460GTX card, and see what happens, this is a big disappointment for Raydeon as this is the first time I've ever used it.


      Here is my PC specs.

      OS Name    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

      Version    6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601

      Other OS Description     Not Available

      OS Manufacturer    Microsoft Corporation

      System Manufacturer    Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.

      System Model    Z97MX-Gaming 5

      System Type    x64-based PC

      Processor    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3501 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)

      BIOS Version/Date    American Megatrends Inc. F6, 9/18/2015

      SMBIOS Version    2.7

      Windows Directory    C:\Windows

      System Directory    C:\Windows\system32

      Boot Device    \Device\HarddiskVolume1

      Locale    United States

      Hardware Abstraction Layer    Version = "6.1.7601.17514"

      User Name    Mike-pc\Mike

      Time Zone    Central Daylight Time

      Installed Physical Memory (RAM)    32.0 GB

      Total Physical Memory    16.0 GB

      Available Physical Memory    11.5 GB

      Total Virtual Memory    17.9 GB

      Available Virtual Memory    12.2 GB

      Page File Space    1.88 GB

      Page File    C:\pagefile.sys


      Name    Radeon RX 580 Series

      PNP Device ID    PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67DF&SUBSYS_2378148C&REV_E7\4&1286464&0&0008

      Adapter Type    AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x67DF), Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. compatible

      Adapter Description    Radeon RX 580 Series

      Adapter RAM    (1,048,576) bytes

      Installed Drivers    aticfx64.dll,aticfx64.dll,aticfx64.dll,aticfx32,aticfx32,aticfx32,atiumd64.dll,atidxx64.dll,atidxx64.dll,atiumdag,atidxx32,atidxx32,atiumdva,atiumd6a.cap,atitmm64.dll

      Driver Version    24.20.11016.4

      INF File    oem12.inf (ati2mtag_Polaris10 section)

      Color Planes    Not Available

      Color Table Entries    4294967296

      Display Resolution    1920 x 1080 x 60 hertz

      Bits/Pixel    32

      Memory Address    0xE0000000-0xEFFFFFFF

      Memory Address    0xF0000000-0xF01FFFFF

      I/O Port    0x0000E000-0x0000E0FF

      Memory Address    0xF7E00000-0xF7E3FFFF

      IRQ Channel    IRQ 4294967293

      I/O Port    0x000003B0-0x000003BB

      I/O Port    0x000003C0-0x000003DF

      Memory Address    0xA0000-0xBFFFF

      Driver    c:\windows\system32\drivers\atikmpag.sys (24.20.11016.4, 531.38 KB (544,136 bytes), 5/16/2018 2:23 PM)

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          Hi ya,


          You have one nice $400 mobo from gigabyte but,


          This probably won't be a driver issue and to note : Nvidia and Gigabyte are extremely close, so you will always be able to plug in play a Nvida card on there boards, anyways


          Your gonna want to get a hold of either Gigabyte or look for information about the support for your card through them and look for Windows7 support alongside doing that because dispite how nice your board is man its not a AMD board


          Don't get me wrong i know and read that your Z97MX-Gaming 5 ( Should ) support AMD cards, just Gigabyte is known to have issues supporting them correctly when on a Intel Based board


          Also keep in mind, your running a outdated operating system and any real support for Win7 is extremely limited and would only make sense (before) giving up and trash talking the entire AMD universe is to get onto Windows10 with your rig and see if you still have those issues, because i bet your looking at a huge conflict gap between a


          1. Nivida card that was created for use on windows7


          2. A AMD card that was really ment for Win8+


          >>>>>Also might want to check into if / i dont think it does / Win7 even supporting 8GB cards correctly .... thats My2cents <<<<<


          Your comparing a 1GB card to a 8GB Please correct this if im wrong but this is what your showing all of us


          Adapter Description    Radeon RX 580 Series

          Adapter RAM    (1,048,576) bytes


          That sir has GOT to be all kinds of wrong, i noticed that last minute.


          The RX 580 is a 8GB card right ?????????


          If so, there your problem.


          I know the Nvidia is a 1GB card but


          The RX 580 Series is 4GB/8GB Unless you bought something i have never seen.


          That description right there looks like a Board Manufacture Gigabyte issue or / OS issue to me. Hope this helps.

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              Adapter Ram reporting from msinfo is incorrect, a bug in windows acknowledged by MS.

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                Thanks for the info, but I don't understand what you're referring to as the adapter Ram?


                My computer specs are just a copy/paste from my system info so if there is a mistake, I'm not sure what it is.


                Yes the Raydeon is a 8gb card as far as I know [at least it was advertised as such when I bought it last year.


                Also, you might be right about the operating system [Win 7]. I really don't like Windows 10 for personal reasons, and would prefer to keep 7 if at all possible as I only use my computer mainly for internet, and gaming. But, if there is no other option, then I  will check into Win10.

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                Just an idea..

                If you find the old Nvidia card works fine..

                When  you uninstall it  use DDU to clean the NVidia drivers and have DDU shut down when done (it's an option), then change gpus and install new AMD driver.

                If nothing else this will eliminate drivers as an issue.

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                  after reading your report, it seems to be mostly memory bus id conflicts, "shared device access" for audio , video , and full memory access. could be windows 7 driver related, but it could also be GPU related, just get windows 8.1 and be done with it, its the closest thing to modified 7...



                  also just so you know, "YOUR REPORT SAID USB BUS ERROR AS WELL" check your connections

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                      Ok, thanks. The USB bus error is an old problem with the front usb ports, which I don't use.


                      I did the DDU uninstall, and it did show some Nivida code left in the system. I ran the uninstall, and it still didn't work.


                      Here is something that I just thought of, sorry I didn't post it sooner, but I just haven't thought of it in a while.


                      I've got a backlog of games I've installed, but yet to play. One of them was given to me last year was Wolfenstein the Colossus.


                      The game ran fine with the then new card [the 580 had only been installed about two months at that time].


                      Well, I didn't play the game for a while as I was trying to finish up some older games I had been playing.


                      So, the next time I played the game, it started to lag [as I described in the OP]. Now the lag is so bad it takes minutes for any command to activate, even exiting the game.


                      I've checked for viruses, and malware, and nothing has shown up, so I'm wondering if its a driver update that is causing this issue?


                      You guys are way more knowledgeable than me on this, and again, thanks for taking the time to help. [feel free to send me any automotive problem related questions as I'm an old mechanic, so maybe I can return the favor].

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                        If you plan to run the AMD card again at all Windows 8.1 is not supported by AMD. So if you move from Windows 7, move to Windows 10 if you want to be able to run current drivers with AMD support.

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                        It might help if you post INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION

                        Currently a guessing game on the info from your first post ?

                        You must delete/remove/uninstal all Nv software/drivers from the OS(use DDU).

                        Then maybe try Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

                        You may also have to check each game,verify game cache files/check for updates, etc....

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                          To your first question :

                          Yes that is not good you have a 8GB card reading 1GB .If its true there is a real bug/issue about a false report, Your games you run won't know the difference and run at the report speeds / specs.

                          I personally never ran into a mis-reported Vid card that wasn't publicaly corrected because hardware needs to read the correct specs.


                          I personally would want hardware to read correctly or the manufacture can walk on home (imo)



                          For second question:

                          Yes , use DDU ( Display Driver Uninstall) Tool

                          You are going to want to be in Safe Mode when you use the tool, the instruction on how to use it is written inside the  tool


                          Your going to find more info on which is the problem through Gigabyte , either they have a Bios update for Win7 corrections / or if your card is compatible to run Win7 on that board


                          Your Main Board will run Win7 that shouldn't be a issue, just there seems to be a compatibility issue with running it on Win7. Based on your pasted report. Also mentioned no Win8.1 support minimal .... not looking good to run Win7.


                          There isn't anything wrong with Win10 you will find way more support and fixes running that OS.


                          EDIT** For answers


                          Seems to be a very big issue that no one can get the RX 5xxx Series to work At All on windows 7 .....  Punch into Youtube :

                          Gigabyte RX580 8GB not working in windows 7 [please help]


                          There is a actual video of a man very knowledgeable running a 10min video of a list of game a mile long getting every game DX 9/11 based to crash. You can run games thatare OpenGL  or non-DX games perfectly and benchmarks without a problem, but other than that the cards cant be read correctly on Win7


                          Hope this helps.

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                              Ok, I'm going to try to update to Windows 10. I will be back asap to let you all know how it went.


                              Thanks again.

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                                Thanks for the reply. I think you're correct on the motherboard issue.


                                I did download, and try win10, and it was a huge mess. I worked on tweaking it for the past few days before reverting everything back to Win 7.


                                With Win 10, my 55" LCD shrunk down 4" on both sides making the viewing display very narrow. I read, and watched several topics on how solve that issue with no luck [ie changing the resolution, and scaling]. Next was every video I tried to watch from Youtube to Netflix was lagging so bad it was like watching a slide show [again, I downloaded the latest AMD drivers for Win10, and did the DDU uninstall]. Then issues with the sound which I was able to kinda get corrected [still there was some static noise], and lagging whenever I typed anything.


                                So, I will most likely sell the video card, and try something else [after careful research of course], or simply give it to one of my family members, as we all know its not wise to try, and sell anything electronic, used, or new for that matter.


                                Thanks again for all of the help, and replies.

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                                Are you sure you have the card installed in a PCI-E X16 slot and not the PCI-e X4 slot? Are you sure your not using the onboard graphics instead of the discrete graphics card?

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                                  windows 10 is free, just install without a key, Boom your activated, even if you are not activated you can still use full use of windows 10 so I guess its free unless you want to change the background or colors then you will have to pay....


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                                    one last thing, I have both a z75+ and a Z87 now your Z97 should be able to make full use of that 580 which I will so get one. its a great graphics card with super compute capabilities.

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                                      bios isn't forcing igpu instead of auto, it was just a thought.

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                                        UPDATE: I wanted to give you all an update, as this is kind of puzzling.


                                        Since I reverted back to Win7, I had to change a few things back, and while I was doing that I opened up ADM's, "Wattman", and turned the power settings up a bit higher, along with increasing the fan speed, and switching back to my external fan.


                                        I really don't know if this did anything, or not, but I noticed that I had to reinstall some of my Steam games, Left for Dead 2 being one of them. This game came out around 2010, so its a fairly old game, anyway, the settings were on the "ultra" graphics settings vs my previous settings of 1200 x 700 [I can't remember exactly but 1200x700 is close].


                                        The game, for which I've played at least every week since it was new, started doing the same thing the newer games did, and that was a lag after depressing a command key. I thought, "well, this is great. Now even my old games are screwed up".


                                        I just stayed in the game, as I was a bit frustrated, and bored. It was hard to play as every time my character was attacked, I couldn't counter due to the lag. I finished the first level, and noticed the lag was slowly going away. I went through the second level, and the lag was pretty much gone. By the end of the game the lag was totally gone.


                                        After that, I thought well, lets try GTA5 which was horribly lagging. Same thing, the game would lag severely every time I went to a new part of the map. After going through the map a few times the lag was pretty much gone [only lagging for a short while, every now, and then].


                                        Its almost like the computer has to learn the map, and the graphics to be able to let the game run smooth. For the record, I did have GTA5 running at a reduced resolution of around 1200x700.


                                        Anyone want to take a stab at what is going on?

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                                            I had a similar issue on win 10 and tried almost everything that you tried. I finally read a post somewhere that mentioned testing your main memory to see if it was bad. The normal windows test stated that the ram was okay so I decided to try memtest86 and on the 2nd pass the ram started showing errors. Normal pc work was fine as long as the memory wasn't stressed but once a game like rainbow 6 or even payday was tried the entire pc locked up. I was using a R9 285x with 3GB and figured the card should have handled all of the needed video memory but it was still relying on the main 16GB memory which had enough errors to cause the massive lagging until it finally started blue screening. Just throwing out somewhere else to look seeing as you have tried most everything else most people would have tried first. Hopefully that may help but even if it doesn't it hasn't cost you much more than a few hours waiting for an extensive check of your memory. Good luck.

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                                            Annnnnnnnnnd, its still got the lag.


                                            This is interesting, the lag is now infecting my old Left 4 Dead 2 game, for which has always run just fine.


                                            Its so annoying, hitting a key, then wait, then your character actually moves.


                                            Here is the strange part, the rest of the characters, ie zombies, NPC's move normally with no lag, or studder whatsoever.


                                            There is only a lag on the keyboard inputs. The problem is really bad when starting a game, any game. Then after playing the game for about fifteen minutes, or so, the input lag gradually catches up with the action, and is usually gone by the time I finish the game [ie around an hour in the case of L4D2].


                                            I would suspect the wireless keyboard, but again, by the end of the game the input lag is gone.

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                                                If it was me.. which it isn't..

                                                I would try a corded keyboard.

                                                If that works, uninstall the cordless, pull the dongle and restart

                                                Follow sequence to reinstall.

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                                                    Actually that was the whole problem, kinda.


                                                    I thought I would update this thread as the problem has vanished.


                                                    To recap, the last thing I tried to do was a total system restore to factory default. I couldn't get the mouse keyboard to work on the factory reboot so I did some research, and found that I needed to move my wireless mouse/keyboard to another USB port.


                                                    So, I moved around a few things I had plugged into the USB ports, one of them being my external hard drive. I tried to do a reboot, and the system still wouldn't find the kb/mouse so for the moment I gave up. I had some things to take care of on my computer so I just forgot about the reboot for a while.


                                                    Well, later on I decided to play L4D2, and to my surprise, there was no lag at all. I decided to go for broke, and try GTA5, and guess what...........NO LAG AT ALL!


                                                    The only thing I can think of that corrected this was moving the external SSD to another, slower USB port. This would explain why the newer games worked without lag earlier this year [around Jan 2018], and then began lagging as I had, at some point, plugged the USB of the SSD into another port.


                                                    I cannot tell you "why" this worked, but that it was the solution which may help someone else in the future. In the journey I did find out I wasn't using all of my installed RAM as Win 7 Home will only support 16gb of sdram, where as when I upgraded to Win 7 Pro, it can support all 32gb of sdram. [for which its important to know that even being able to use all 32gb of ram the game still lagged, until I did the USB port switch on the external SSD].


                                                    Thanks again for all of the advice, and help. Problem solved.

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                                                        You know.. if you don't need the portability of the external drive, it's easy enough to dismantle external drives and put the bare drive in your computer using a sata port.  I have to admit I've never done it to an external SSD but it's got to be the same or easier than a mechanical external.

                                                        Much faster, no USB issues and overall less hassle. There's probably even youtube vids explaining the teardown.

                                                        Or, if you're not impressed with your ssd's speed, another option is to buy a  PCIe USB3 port which should/might supply ample bandwidth without lagging the rest of the computer.

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                                                            I've actually got a internal SSD on my motherboard that runs the operating system, and a few other things.


                                                            Problem is that when I built my computer approx 2 years ago, it was kinda on the pricey side, [I was trying to stay under $1200 on my build] so all I could afford was 120gb internal [SATA] which fills up quickly.


                                                            Just the operation system along ate up quite a bit of memory, so I moved my Steam account from the internal SSD  to the external SSD for which I have plenty of room.

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                                                                If you've only got the one internal drive, I'd definitely look at ripping that external apart and putting it inside on a SATA plug. You won't need extra cables or any supplies. You'll find it's a USB to SATA interface inside with your drive plugged into that.  I  had a 2 TB external usb2 drive that had some USB issues. It's now a 2TB internal SATA3 drive. WAAAAY Faster.

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                                                                    I only have one SATA slot inside my mother board, which of course is filled.


                                                                    Since you bring it up, suppose I buy another mother board in the future with three SATA slots on the board, would these internal SSD's work together, or be seen by the computer as separate drives? [ie drive F, G, H, etc]



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                                                                        If you are still running that Z97-MX Gaming 5 you have plenty SATA ports. Yes they are all seen as separate drives, unless you create a dynamic disk (don't).


                                                                        Some external HDDs have the power integrated into the SATA interface connector so cannot be used as internal drives. If there is a traditional controller board and the drive has a SATA connector and a SATA power port then you are good to go. Removing the USB interface will improve the drive response and transfer rate.


                                                                        m-train wrote:


                                                                        I only have one SATA slot inside my mother board, which of course is filled.


                                                                        Since you bring it up, suppose I buy another mother board in the future with three SATA slots on the board, would these internal SSD's work together, or be seen by the computer as separate drives? [ie drive F, G, H, etc]



                                                                        1. 1 x M.2 PCIe connector
                                                                          (Socket 3, M key, type 2242/2260/2280 SATA & PCIe SSD support)
                                                                        2. 1 x SATA Express connector
                                                                        3. 6 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors
                                                                          (M.2, SATA Express, and SATA3 4/5 connectors can only be used one at a time. The SATA3 4/5 connectors will become unavailable when an M.2 SSD is installed.)
                                                                        4. Support for RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10
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                                                                          Really good answer from Stevie there. If you do take it apart and hook it up as a normal sata drive pay attention to item #3 above and don't use SATA3 connectors labeled 4 and 5. I'm assuming you're using the M.2 slot between cpu and first PCIe slot. I've never heard of the STA Express until today so I'm not touching that without reading your mobo manual. Read manual !!!

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                                                                              SATA 0 & 1 are the safe bets.


                                                                              Yes, the question never answered was is the card in the PCIe x16 slot? It is the one closest to the m2 slot and CPU socket.


                                                                              If the m2 drive is not NVMe then replace it with a cheap 240 or 500GB SATAIII SSD as the system drive. Use the m2 as imaging / storage. If the external is large (>500GB) consider using the m2 as a volume accelerator instead (64GB should be sufficient). Prices have tumbled.


                                                                              If you want to replace the m2 with NVMe, then the old m2 drive will go in the PCIe x4 with a slot adapter so it's not wasted.


                                                                              Just my two cents.