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    Vega 11 problems



      I purchased CPU Ryzen 5 2400g, with built-in RX Vega 11. Assembly on the Asrock B450M Pro4 motherboard, Crucial 4GB DDR4 "Ballistix Tactical" PC24000, 3000 MHz.

      The BIOS has been updated to the latest version, there are the latest drivers from the AMD website.

      I experience a problem when the hardware acceleration is enabled in the Chrome browser when watching a video in full screen mode. After 5 seconds of viewing, artifacts in the form of small colored squares begin. Opera browser has the exact same problem. The latest drivers are installed. BIOS latest version. There is no such problem in the Mozilla browser.

      In games like CS GO, the problem is exactly the same as in the browser, all in small colored squares. In the World of Tanks after one or two fights, it falls in BSOD "Video TDR Failure", swears at atikmpag.sys.

      All temperatures are normal, the processor runs at 3900 MHz, the RAM is 3000 at a predefined XMP.

      Please help with this problem.

      Sorry for my english, translate via Google Translate :]

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          Hi inv1se


          this behavior still happens with all defaults values in BIOS?


          I don't know if something has changed from the 1st Gen of Ryzen and it's different for Ryzen APUs but in the link bellow you can read that Ryzen do not offer memory dividers for DDR4 3000Mhz: Tips for Building a Better AMD Ryzen™ System


          Is this your model of Crucial DDR4?


          if yes this is my advices:


          - Go inside BIOS and disable XMP, select manually the RAM speed to 2933Mhz and voltage to 1.35000v, nothing more, save changes and reboot. See what's happens.

          - Inside Windows run Windows Memory Diagnostic, the tool will be offer you reboot and will start automatically, after a few minutes you will see a notification informing you if Windows has been found errors.

          - Run Memtes86, in their forums and web page you will find the steps to follow to run and verify memory errors.

          I hope this helps you


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              The fact is that BSOD occurs only in games, in Windows there is nothing like that.

              The memory model is mine.

              Now I put everything into BIOS, as you said, I will try to drive memetest.

              I will report the results later

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                  Module 0:


                  Module 1:

                    DDR4, 4096 MB, 64-bit, 2666 MHz

                    DIMM 1 P0 CHANNEL A 859< BLT4G4D30AETA.K8FD

                  Module 2:


                  Module 3:

                    DDR4, 4096 MB, 64-bit, 2666 MHz

                    DIMM 1 P0 CHANNEL B 859< BLT4G4D30AETA.K8FE


                  Within half an hour in memtest64 there were no errors, did the same for 3000Mhz, everything is fine.

                  Maybe the problem in the slots of RAM? Did I set the slats correctly? Stand in A2B2.

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                      All is correct, A2 and B2


                      Try disabling or enabling Hardware Acceleration on Chrome and Opera


                      and don't forget to have selected High Performance or AMD Ryzen Balanced Power Plans in System Power Options.


                      If none of this is useful for you I do not think I can help you much more, I do not play through Web Browsers


                      Good luck and regards