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buying a new monitor ( old gpu)

Question asked by loukilouk on Nov 3, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by loukilouk

Hi all. I am planning to buy a monitor for my pc because after using a 32 inch tv as a monitor for 2 years i have the felling that my vision starts to reduce. anyway.... my gpu is the sapphire 5850 1gb on i7920 with 12 gb ram.

The monitor i am thinking to buy is an 29 inch ultrawide lg 2560x1080 with 2 hdmi ports

I am using the computer mostly for movies pubg and youtube. My question is this.. will my gpu display this resolution? (2560x1080) If yes... on what port? hdmi? dvi?dp? and what will be the max frame rates that can produce? Right now on the 32inch while playing pubg on 1920x1080 is around 53-58 fps. the monitor i am about to buy has amd freesync... any luck i can see in a game 60fps plus  on 2560x1080 (if supported) .

So can this old gpu and hdmi port support this resolution and high frame rates (on light games afcourse)?? maybe i need to look for a monitor with display port instead only hdmi??

Thanks in advance and i am looking forward for your support!