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Threadripper 1920x / ASRock x399 Taichi - freezing / colour format reset

Question asked by intelgen on Nov 3, 2018
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I've been building and now ironing out all the problems with my new Ryzen system (specs below) over the last week.

I currently have 2 outstanding issues left which I cannot work out on my own.


Num 1: If I try to overclock my GPU, in any manner with Afterburner or Precision X, my entire windows desktop just freezes as soon as I click the apply button. After about 5 seconds the mouse will move a little bit, but it is laggy, then everything completely freezes again. I have to hard reset to use the computer again. What on earth could that be? the GPU's overclocked fine in my previous PC.


Num 2: 1 of my 2 monitors connected via display port keeps resetting it's color range/format in the Nvidia CP. It keeps trying to default to [CYbCr422], [limited output] after restart or whenever it can. The really strange thing is if I try to change it back to [RGB], [full output] the screen's flash but Nvidia CP resets it back to [CYbCr422] straight after. The only thing that helps is unplugging and replugging the monitor in. I have replaced the cable, swapped cards, swapped monitors but it still does it. I can't work it out?


Thank you for your help,



Threadripper 1920X @4.1GHz, 1.3875v | ASRock x399 Taichi | 32GB DDR4 @2800Mhz, 1.38v | 3X250GB NVMe Hardware RAID | 2x GTX 780 TI, SLI | Corsair RM1000X