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    Adrenalin Edition 18.10.2 Error


      Adrenalin Edition 18.10.2

      Optional Can not install. for Radeon Hd 7950 Now installed- 18.8.1. After clicking refresh, blue screen (Win7 x64)

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          anybody can help me?

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            its failing initial startup, "drivers activates hardware"


            do a complete clean install using DDU.


            call me in the morning.

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              As already mentioned, run DDU, this will help give you the clean slate you will need.

              What is likely going on is that when you reboot MS Windows update is putting drivers in from the online repository ahead of your driver install, and that is screwing it up. This has been happening a lot this past 6 months. Windows 10 update is extremely intrusive and many are just disabling Windows from being allowed to update drivers period.


              So do this please:

              1. Run DDU from SAFE MODE. Read the instructions that come with DDU from Wagnardsoft_com, they explain this.

              2. Unplug from the internet either at the computer or unplug the router. This will keep Windows update from screwing up the install of the drivers you want.

              3. Install the drivers you want installed. (make sure you have them downloaded and ready before doing any of this) Do not choose express install, choose custom then clean install. If the clean install isn't an option, nothing is wrong, it means DDU did a complete job. If it lets you then it will clean any residual files still remaining before installing fresh.


              Good Luck!

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