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PC Crashes when playing games

Question asked by alexn310 on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by sheiladaniels

So i sometimes play games on my pc especially the game Team Fortress 2 but when i play for a bit either i get a bluescreen with the error messange IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL or the pc just freezes or it freezes and gives me red dots all over the place and they seem to be there where the hud elements are but in a distorted position or sometimes it runs just fine without any crashes can somebody help me? Specs:


AMD A10-7890k APU with integrated R7 Direct X 12
16GB of RAM
Windows 10

ASUS A68HM-PlUS Motherboard

And i have a AOC E2270Sw Monitor


And yes i am sure my computer can run Team Fortress 2 plus im probably gonna get a dedicated Graphics card in the future