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Are budget processors like Athlon 200GE worthy of AMD Boot Kit?

Question asked by jacksonandjulli on Nov 1, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2018 by jacksonandjulli

I am wondering if AMD will lend me its APU costing almost same as the 200GE to update my Mobo.


I had filed a request (Evidence - SR# 8200839088 ) and was asked to send necessary documents and I sent without forgetting to mention SR# and have not received any reply from them since last 3 days [this is going to become 7 days because if I don't get reply on the Fri, I will have to wait for another 2 days of the weekend]



So, can anyone answer me if I am eligible or I will have to get it done on my own cost? I will be extremely thankful for his/her reply because it will save me lot of time which is killing me at this moment because my system is not booting.