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What Card to pick for RemoteFX, server 2016, VDI,  HPE DL380 server

Question asked by topscan on Oct 31, 2018
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I am building a VDI solution for a school based on HPE DL380 servers, WIN svr 2016, Hyper-V and VDI.

I am trying to find information on what cards will work and what their performance…. But not much luck???

HPE site informs me that S7150x2, WX7100, MI25 are recommended for DL380.

But I can’t find anywhere if they will do RemoteFX in the above configuration.

I would also like to know the differences in RemoteFX performance of each card.

In the end I would like to work out how many information workers I can hang of each card.

I only like to implement RemoteFX  not DDA.

Anyone with RemoteFX  experience out there? or somebody from AMD can give me some info…


That would be much appreciated