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    Experiment Finished, simple mods for performance gains.


      been working on this laptop for around 2 months, finally finished.

      Dell Latitude E6540

      Intel i74810mq 3.6ghz

      AMD HD 8790m/Intel HD 620 (*Enduro S) "crossfire for non amd hardware I LOVE IT"

      using physics , math , chemistry


      Modded the intel chipset drivers so I can use all of intel's compute units with amd's "just had to sync the ratios kinda free thank you amd"

      Modded amd driver

      Modded internal power system

      Modded internal cooling ducts for proper cooling to prevent bake down.

      Modded the south bridge bus and node controllers.

      Modded just about everything except external power supply its just a 130watt Im trying to get a 230watt then I can really go farther...


      here are my results all day mobile laptop/desktop PC. faster then 80% of the computers on the planet. and its totally playable all day outside inside doesn't matter.