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Incorrect amount of video memory size. (AMD radeon hd 8770m)

Question asked by jaroslavn on Oct 31, 2018
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My AMD radeon HD 8770m has 2gb of video memory and everywhere on my laptop it only shows that it has 1024mb. When I play a game it only uses maximum 980mb of the 2048mb that it has. It has never gone above 1000mb.

On every site it says that it has 2GB of video memory (AMD Radeon HD 8770M - Tech ).

But on the samsung site it says 1GB graphics memory.

(Rainbow6 siege on 1600x900 low)


I have a Samsung ativ book 8 880z5e (Review Samsung ATIV Book 8 Touch 880Z5E X01 Notebook - Reviews )

Windows 10 latest update, intel I7-3635qm, 8GB ram, latest AMD driver update.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege2018-10-31-16-53-12.jpgScreenshot (99).png

Thank you