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    Ryzen Motherboard Drivers hang at install Causing DPC_Watchdog_Violation


      Fresh install of windows 10 Pro completely up to date installed from Microsoft's April build.

      MSI B350 Thomahawk Plus Motherboard Updated Bios

      Ryzen 1700x

      32Gb 2667 memory

      Nvidia 1070

      Samsung SSD Evo * Boot

      Samsung SSD 960 nvme * for select games.


      Issue is as stated in header,

      A Completely fresh install of windows 10 Pro up to date via windows update.

      and when i go to install any version of the Motherboard Drivers it just hangs then i get the Watchdog_Violation.

      vary vary vary annoying this issue needs to be fixed as drivers and software for everything else installs and works fine.


      i would love some help with this issue.