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Radeon WX 3100 "hitching" after install

Question asked by defiantworkshop on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by jigzaw

Brand new Dell Precision 3630. Came with 2 Radeon WX 3100 cards with mini DP adapters. I'm using simply for work, no major graphics used for gaming or anything. All cables hooked up via DP to HDMI. Using 2 ASUS MG28U monitors and 1 Dell ST 2220T. Running W10 Enterprise, 1803. When I booted the system up, only the Dell monitor came up, with windows not recognizing the pre-installed graphics cards. Device Manager wouldn't detect, and Dell's driver utility said the graphics drivers weren't compatible with the OS I was using. I went on AMD's site, downloaded the most recent driver (18.Q3). The first attempt at installing, all screens blacked out, then took turns displaying the mouse, then the PC immediately restarted with no prompt. Upon reboot, one of the ASUS monitors was now the default, but still the only one recognized by the system. After re-installing the drivers, the screens all blacked out, showed the mouse, then came back to life showing the windows background. However, now my Dell monitor is flashing green every second, no matter the resolution or refresh rate. Its fine when plugged up to another system. But the even more irritating side effect is my computer lags, or hitches, every second, in time with the affected monitor's flashing, even when the monitor is off, which makes me think the flashing is just a side effect of the primary issue. Moving my mouse from end to end, even with no programs open, every second it will stop, then warp to catch up, making any task extremely difficult. Even typing this post, every second the letters typed pause, then warp to catch up. Its nearly impossible to do even simple tasks like this. Any ideas/help?