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    No Relive for RX 560X?


      Hello Community!

      Recently, I have bought the Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-42-R1GF), which has the Ryzen 5 2500U and RX 560X combo, as my new portable gaming machine. So far I am really happy with it except one thing: It seems like Relive is not available for this laptop? I have downloaded the latest drivers from Acers website, but still nothing. On AMD's site of the 560X Relive is listed as one of the supported technologies and I would love to be able to capture cool moments when gaming. Will Relive be added later? Or is this entirely up to Acer to implement?

      (Also, driver support for Mantle seems to be missing as well, is this normal?)


      Thanks in advance!

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          AMD Mantle Version

          Not Available

          AMD Mantle API Version

          Not Available

          ↑from my Radeon RX Vega with 18.10.2 driver

          Mantle has passed away and Mantle has become part of DX12/vulkan.

          Also about the Relive

          Regarding Relive's question, I think it should be supported.

          You can try to contact Acer and AMD to ask them about the specifics of the matter.

          Maybe you can try to download the driver from AMD?

          (I didn't use Ryzen APU + dGPU notebook,

          The recommendation to download the graphics driver from AMD is for reference only)

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              Thanks for the reply!

              I was also thinking about downloading the drivers directly from AMD, but I read that doing so will seriously mess with the switchable graphics function. It seems that it's Acer's job to "stitch together" the drivers for the Vega iGPU and RX dGPU. I'm just wondering if they didn't bother to implement Relive or if they are missing something from AMD's side. Maybe I'll try asking on Acer's forum, but I guess I'd need to reach someone who is actually involved with developing the driver to get a definitive answer...

              And regarding Mantle, if they completely dropped support I wonder why there still are information tiles for it in the Radeon settings. But good to know that this isn't just another thing that's missing in my driver, thanks