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    Thread stuck in device driver


      I'm getting this error every time i try to play something. I get the BSOD. I tried to clean install again and it didn't worked . What should i do next?

      OS: W10 64

      CPU: i7-2600k 3.4ghz

      RAM: 12gb

      GPU: r7 360

      Driver: Radeon Software Version 18.8.2

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          Are you overclocking the CPU at all?  This kind of thing is common when overclocking the CPU with too low a voltage.

          What kind of RAM do you have?  Speed?  Timings?  Brands?

          Mismatched RAM can also cause this and all sorts of strange issues, especially when overclocking, or on a previously overclocked CPU.  That chip is a bit old, and it's IMC may not be able to handle the mismatch any more.

          You might want to disable any overclocks using by loading BIOS defaults and pull the 4 gigger (if you are running 4GB and 8GB sticks), or if you have three 4GB sticks, pull the one that is in single-channel out, and see if it continues.

          If that doesn't fix things, try a different CPU chip (try using the same model), and if that doesn't work, try a different GPU, and if that doesn't work, it might be the motherboard or PSU.

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            why 3 4gb sticks? you run async channel - that can cause problems


            especially if you push it to limits

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              I have the same Problem but it is every time I install driver for the GPU

              Intel i5 4690

              Corsair 4gb 1600 hyperx savage 2400(1600) 4gb

              Radeon R7 260X

              Asus H81M-Plus

              Adata Ssd

              500gb WDC

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                btw - with 18.12.2 i also got bluescreens (mainly because of my risky ram oc) etc
                you should try 18.12.3 and test again