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Screen flicker after R9 270 overclock / downclock

Question asked by tstycz on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2018 by mistermaximal

Hello everyone, few weeks ago, I was able to overclock my GPU with no issues at all. Then I was asked to download new AMD software Adrenaline (currently sitting at version 18.9.3 but tried many other versions). Now, when I try to overclock (even slightly by 5MHz either core or memory), screen sometimes "jumps". Weird thing is, that this issue only happends when I'm browsing internet or when on desktop screen. I tried few benchmarks (even with full GPU overclock, because I'm like 1000% sure it can handle it with okay temps and stuff) and the "screen jump" didn't happen. Is there a way to fix it? (please, try to talk to me like I'm stupid, my english is pretty garbage :C)


Thanks everyone!