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sudden fps drop in dota 2

Question asked by odalys on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by mistermaximal


i Have a R7 M265 Series graphic card on my lap top

In DOTA 2, if i set the graphic options to maximun quality,i can get about 35 fps, if i lower them a little bit that will go to about 60-70

which is fine, but the problem is in the middle of the game suddenly my fps drops to 15-20, remains at the this amount for about 1-2 min

and then raises again to 60-70, and this happens every 7-8 minuts.

by the way my graphic card driver is update to the latest version.

i wonder what can i do with this problem, is this a problem with DOTA 2 its self or my graphic card?

thank u