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Store Mi not working with dual boot?

Question asked by on Oct 28, 2018

Is store mi not working with dual boot Windows or I configured my hard drives wrong? I googled "dual boot store mi" and couldn't find any info.


Store Mi Dual Boot Issue.PNG


My drives:

1. M.2 512 GB (work windows set up here)

2. SATA SSD 100 GB (gaming windows set up here)

3. SATA HDD 2 TB (empty, want to merge with 100 GB SATA SSD)

4. SATA HDD 2 TB (empty, unused for now)


What I want to achieve:

Merge 100 GB SSD and 2 TB HDD on my gaming windows setup and leave work setup as is to be accessed separately form windows boot menu



Can't create bootable Store MI on my gaming windows setup



"Boot device split between two drives

Tiering with this configuration is not supported.

Please re-install or migrate Windows so it only resides on one drive."