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ASUS X550ZE-SSFX FX-7500 R7 + R5 M230 Dual Graphics Issue, Can't Use Discrete Graphics Alone

Question asked by rafa2701 on Oct 28, 2018

Hello, I Have an ASUS X550ZE-SSFX  with an Amd Quad-Core FX 7500, 12Gb RAM (8+4) with R7 Graphics with 1Gb VRAM as a iGPU and the R5 M230 2GB DDR3 as the discrete GPU (R7 260DX in old catalyst driver versions), the machine is Amd Dual Graphics enabled, Win10 64 bits, however i am not able to use the dGPU alone, because it keeps using the integrated one, i have been searching and reading all similar issues in this forum and other forums, trying the stated below: 


- Used both old and new drivers (catalyst and amd crimson and the ASUS reccomended too, that is catalyst btw)always doing clean installations(using DDU)

- Setting Amd Dual graphics off

-  Set Power options to high performance(This include PowerPlay, link state and Amd Dual graphics settings to maximize performance). 

- Disabling ULPS(Via RegEdit).  

- Setting each game app to high performance, both in amd settings and windows gaming/graphic configuration.(Here is the more annoying thing, in catalyst or amd settings, the game will always switch to power saving mode after start and therefore using r7 iGPU)  

- Also tried to disable secrue boot and enable CSM in BIOS, also is important to say here that there is no option in BIOS to disable or enable dual graphics or any graphic config, the BIOS is very limited. 

-Also is important to say that CPU-Z, DxDiag, HWmonitor doesn't recognize the dGPU ann its sensor values, GPU-Z and openhardwaremonitor in other hand recognize it without problems, but gpu-z show problems when gathering dx info and that.  -The GPU work perfectly in Crossfire Mode only in amd optimized games like DIRT3, or Tomb Raider(2013) but other games hardly give an improvement or work much worse.  


Any ideas fellas....? it's like having a hybrid car that only let you run with the tiny electric motor and keep you from use your powerful combustion engine... very sad.  Thanks in advance, any help will be appreciated.