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    Enterprise 18.Q3.1 thermal shutdown


      Hi All,


      The fan management of the 18.Q3.1 driver seems to be broken beyond repair.

      I'm currently experiencing emergency-shutdowns with my Vega Frontier Edition (Air Cooled), when the GPU is under stress.

      The fan speed does not exceed 2000RPM when on "automatic", even though HBM temp = 87°C and HotSpot temp = 85°C.

      When I switch from "manual" (>3000RPM to prevent the card from overheating) to "automatic", RPM go to 700RPM!


      Has anyone else experienced this?




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          Hi greenstheorem


          Same behavior with Radeon Pro WX 7100 and 18.Q3.1 driver.


          When fan control is automatic my GPU has reached 94º under stress, when is manual and configured at between 2600-2800rpm approximately before stress state the temperature does not exceed 86º inside a Fractal Define R5 Black with 4 x 140mm intake fans.


          I have also noticed that in the automatic state the fan takes too long to react when the temperature rises rapidly and in manual state does not obey exactly my orders, but I think it is a very useful tool for the health of the GPU, my experience is very positive.