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    Global WattMan settings


      I use two RX580's and have everything set up in Global WattMan, I apply my settings and then after a couple of days when I start up I get a message saying defaults have been applied.  I have the power limit setting to 50%. Any ideas on how to stop this, thanks.

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          Which OS are you using? I've been experiencing a similar issue on Windows 10 but a quick work-around is to just save the Wattman settings as an XML file and load it up if the defaults are set again. I'm not sure why it does this but I think it could be a bug with Radeon Software and Windows.

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            I have encountered the same problem.

            I suggest you save the data. And reapply them after "restore default"

            Restoring default settings usually occurs after a system power outage / Windows update / drive hang or other problem

            I tried to solve it... I have not found a solution at the moment. According to my observations, I think this has nothing to do with "power limitation."

            But I still recommend that you report this to AMD.


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                I've reported the issue before but nothing has come of it yet. I have also yet to identify any sort of pattern in the defaults being restored but it seems totally random for me. Sometimes it's working correctly for days at a time and other times it seems like the defaults are set on each startup; with alternating days here and there too. It's been wonky like that for awhile, for lack of better words.