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    Freesync is Flickering


      Hello Red Team,


      i upgrade my PC from a GTX 680 to a XFX Fury, and my Monitor (AOC AG241QX) have Freesync (from 30-144hz).


      Also i enable excited Freesync and it´s flickering. I try all Tricks that i found, nothing really helping. Change the Range with CRU, reinstall Windows (and Driver) a new DP Cabel. Its depending with the FPS, but its always flickering.


      So i think its a Issue by the Monitor, but i read that Doom not Flickering, also i install Doom and its dont Flickering and Freesync work, same by the AMD Windmill Demo, Freesync work and dont Flickering.


      Its a Issue by the old Cards, i saw a Video from Gamers Nexus in that he say its fixed by Vega ?


      Maybe know somebody something, and AMD please don't let's Freesync 1 die.


      My System:

      MB: MSI Godlike X99

      CPU: i7 5930k

      GPU: XFX Fury

      RAM: 32GB Viper @ 2666Mhz

      PSU: Corsair AX1500i

      OS: Win10 Pro 64bit Build 180410
      AMD Driver 18.10.2


      Sorry for my bad English, and greetings from Germany.