PC freezeing while installing drivers (doesnt matter the version of them)

Discussion created by chalve on Oct 27, 2018
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Hello everybody, Im here to try to solve a problem that's causing me a brutal headache. (Btw, sorry for my bad english, isnt my main language  )


First of all, my laptop:

Lenovo Ideapad Y700 with AMD R9 M375 graphics.

Using Windows 10 with a Intel i7-6700HQ processor



Short explanation: I think my laptop doesnt recognize my graphic card


Long, looong explanation:


Some days ago I was playing Rocket League like every other day when randomly it freezed, it doesnt showed any error, not blue screen, no nothing, just freezed till I restarted my computer, I didnt worry because I thought it was just some random error so I continued using my PC normally. Then I was playing Minecraft Windows 10 edition and it occurred again.


After the second error my Windows didnt even boot, so I reinstalled it, tried to install the AMD drivers with the autodetect tool and puff! freezed again, I tried again, freezed again and then Windows didnt boot...


After that I tried making a clean installation of Windows 10 (deleting all what I had on my HDD -at first thought it was HDD problem-), tried again and guess what... freeze.


At this point I was thinking that maybe installing the right drivers for my computer (not the autodetect install) will hopefully work, but nope, same problem that before. Before that, I was trying to remember my graphics card model (AMD Radeon R9 375 btw) so I decided to see it with dxdiag and it didnt showed anything about AMD, just the Intel Graphics, also it showed a pop-up message that I didnt care too much, I think it said something like "Problems to detect screen information", or something like that. When I realized that it was obviously a problem with my graphic card I opened the laptop to see if something was stuck to one of the fans or something like this but it was almost completily clean and the fan were working fine if I blew them a little. (The computer is barely new, I bought it in january I think).


Also tried installing the very old drivers (catalyst) that came into the backup partition of my laptop and didnt worked.


So that's all, hope you can save help me with this problem.

Thanks in advance guys, have a great day!