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    Athlon 200GE boot


      This athlon can boot(into the Bios) with the AGESA or we need to use a boot kit ? i thinking about buying that but if this cannot boot with this bios, i will take a 2200g(i hate violated seals and i want a pure product) i only found base raven ridge motherboard's and i asking if this can boot and turn on the screen(On bios) with this version.


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          I queried the relevant information.

          The news of AGESA appeared around December 2017.

          The first information about the Athlon 200GE is about February 2018 (almost at the same time as the Ryzen 2000 APU)

          I can't give you a definitive answer, but I think it should be unsupported, and I doubt if it is compatible with Ryzen 3 2200G or other members of the Ryzen APU family.

          I queried the MSI message and the BIOS update for the Ryzen 2000 APU was 2018-1-29.

          My advice is to update your Bios, after all, this won't make your situation worse.

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