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I'm coming over to AMD from Intel and I had a few questions regarding the Ryzen 2700 vs the 2700x

Question asked by arvindmundhe on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2018 by billy72

I'm coming over to AMD. Intel prices seem to be sky high right now, and if I can get at least ballpark performance for $50-$100 cheaper, I'm totally jumping on that! I've settled on either the 2700 or the 2700x, and just had a few questions about the difference between them.



The best I can tell, the 2700 and the 2700x are equivalent to an Intel chip, and the K version of that Intel chip (like a 7700 and a 7700k). They'll get similar performance at stock speeds, but the x chips can overclock and get higher performance, is that right?



Currently the 2700 is approximately $40 cheaper than the 2700x. I've never messed around with CPU overclocking before, and it's something I can always start to gain experience with but I'm always gunshy to try it because I wouldn't accidentally want to fry the CPU. Would it be better to put that $40 towards RAM, or spend the extra $40 and get into overclocking? I'll mainly be gaming, but I do use Premiere Elements for some