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Custom resolutions are not accepted by Win10

Question asked by gabriele on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2018 by pokester

Hello everybody,

given that I have a htpc used exclusively to watch movies, first in full hd with my HD6670 and now I'm gradually switching to 4k so I just bought a RX580.

Having a 21.9 screen and a video projector without lens memory, I had made custom resolutions (like 1920x820p23) thanks to Catalyst, which were safely hooked by win10 and the player (JRiver). Unfortunately, with Adrenalin, I can not do it. I have done countless tests and this is the situation: if on "screen settings" of Win10 I select 820p60 the image is perfectly centered and the film runs well, if instead I select 820p23 or 820p50 the image is all moved down and comes out from the screen.

And this despite Adrenalin is set to "center" as Scaling Mode. If you set it to Preserve Aspect Ratio or active GPU Scaling, the image is centered but the film proceeds with clicks and the player tells me glitch problems.



Can someone help me? Thank you



Asrock Z77 Extreme 6 motherboard

Intel i5-3550 GPU


Win10 Pro

Player Jriver 24