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Black screen with RX580 after driver update

Question asked by andrew.reborn on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by adriang001

Hi everybody,

I started having the following issue a week ago: I turn on the PC and the monitor regularly shows the BIOS logo, the Windows Loader (white circles) appear and when the Windows Login should popup the only thing I get is a black screen. I noticed that if I detach the cable from my dedicated GPU to the integrated one everything show up properly. I even tried disabling the integrated GPU from the Device Manager and the RX580 turns back to life.


AMD Radeon Settings shows that the integrated is used as Primary... Unfortunately, a driver reinstall will work just for a boot: If I turn off or reboot the computer, the same problem will happen. I tested this with Fedora 28 and everything is working properly. The BIOS is set to use the NB PCIE GPU as default.


Any help here is appreciated, thanks in advance!!