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Another 2400G BSOD thread

Question asked by nanohead on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by nanohead

I've had the 2400G since day one, and have had plenty of BSODs, tons actually.  For all sorts of different reasons, including these:  IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION, CACHE_MANAGER, MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, and everyone's all-time favorite, VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (atikmpag.sys)


I used the memory and motherboard before I got the 2400G with a 1600, and all was fine.  When I switched over to the 2400G, its been a BSOD party, one which I don't want to attend most of the time.  Mobo is an Asrock AB350 Gaming ITX.  AGESA is, so current for the mobo to my knowledge.


Sometimes, I get 3-4 weeks with no problems, other times, it blows up randomly.  Memtest runs fine overnight with no problems.  Temps are really cool (less than 40C most of the time on the CPU), and I don't play games on it (I have a bigger rig for that).   I also don't overclock, or do anything other than totally stock settings, as the machine is my daily desktop for working and life stuff


I've explored several things to deal with the random BSODs.  First, each time I install a new Radeon software version, it blows up.  Every... Single.... Time.   I've been listening to the dopey update manager in Radeon Settings and letting it do the update, but I don't think it works correctly, as it does updates way too often for Raven Ridge..  The AMD driver site says that 18.5.1 is the previous release, but I'm running something called 18.9.3, which I have no idea how that actually works as its not listed for Raven Ridge.  18.10.1 broke everything and caused more BSODS, so I rolled back using windows restore.   No BSODs since, but that's no guarantee, as it has major mood swings.


I did a clean install of Windows about a month ago, after I had 6 BSODs in one day, all claiming different reasons on the BSOD screen, but WhoCrashed only claimed it was NT Kernel problem, which is totally useless. 


There is definitely a sensitivity to DRAM.  I have plain boring G Skill Aegis DDR4 3000, and it ran perfectly at the XMP setting with the 1600, but the 2400G does not like the XMP setting.  So I run it at 2133, which is fine as I do email, web and some office stuff, so I don't really care.  I tested the DRAM in my other rig (1600X) and it runs fine at its XMP (3000), so its definitely the 2400G.


I've read ibada's For Those Who Are Having Problem With Ryzen 5 2400G  nice thread, and have implemented some of those suggestions, so time will tell.