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    "Default Radeon Wattman settings have crashed and been restored" no temp displayed


      hi, after installing AMD Adrenalin 18.10.1 (same for 18.9.3) i can't display temperature, here's the notification:



      Also, Wattman can't detect temperature(so i can't set custom fan rpm):

      i tried with:
      - uninstalling Afterburner
      - DDU (6th attempt)

      - MalwareBytes & 360 Total Security scan (to detect mining virus)

      - Disabled Fast Boot


      i don't know what i must to do to solve, fortunately winter is coming ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Thanks for any help.


      My system:


      Windows 10 64bit

      Radeon Software Adrenalin 18.10.1

      AOC G2460V 1920x1080@75hz via DP

      Custom Monitor(from dead laptop), 12'' 1366x768@75hz via HDMI

      Z97M OC FORMULA (i'll check bios later)

      Intel Core i5 4690k@4ghz

      16gb DDR3@2100mHz