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Error 43 with RX 480 graphics card - I feel like I've tried everything!

Question asked by nucleartape on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by outthere

Current Machine:

  • Windows 10 64bit
  • Radeon software Adrenalin Edition 18.10.1
  • MSi Z730-A PRO motherboard (latest BIOS I believe)
  • Intel Core i5 8400 CPU
  • 4GB ram (will upgrade soon)


My current graphics card is a Radeon RX480 8GB reference card. My previous was a Gigabyte RX480 with only 4GB. Both were used, but I had seen them working before I got them in my computer.


After installing my new card, I immediately started having problems with the drivers. I did a full driver clean with the clean uninstall utility and reinstall, trying both the latest optional and latest recommended drivers.


Unfortunately no matter what I do, I always get error 43 in device manager. It says my drivers are fine, but the card just won't work. Unreal games say I need DX11 level 10.0 and then close out.


I would love to know what's going on here; and I really just wish that I could install hardware without things like this happening every time.