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GPU accelerated programs are black or white only.

Question asked by quza on Oct 21, 2018

Several of the programs I work with don't want to run with GPU acceleration at all any more. I see the controls and everything, but the workspace is white or black:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

If I'm able to open them in a second instance, it works. This is only possible for the CAD program, not for Photoshop, so not a solution.

I had this problem half a year ago and couldn't find a solution, but to reinstall Windows completely. Now, 8 weeks later, it's back again.

What I've tried:

DDU, AMD cleanup utility, older drivers, up-to-date-drivers, different GPU acceleration modes, disconnecting monitors, etc...

The only thing that helped was to reinstall the whole thing.



What I have:

Win10, Ryzen 5 1600, R9 380 4gb, 16gb ram, asus b350 plus,