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    Pc goes to power saving mode while gaming


      So i am having a weird problem. Whenever i play pubg, after sometimes my pc goes into power saving mode and the monitor blacks out. Anyone faced this before? My specs are:- R7 1700 + rx 580 8gb + 700w (thermaltake smart rgb) + 16gb DDR4.By the way i am only using a 720p monitor. I'll gladly appreciate your help. Thanks


      p.s:- power saving mode is turned off

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          This User opened a current Thread here at AMD Forum for the exact same problem as you are having.: Monitor going into power save mode during gaming


          Note: But in that User's case he seems to have a underpowered PSU (Weak). You have a stong enough PSU  (700 Watts) for your computer setup. Try using the configuration shown in that thread to configure your RX 580 using AMD Wattman.  Please be aware it is advisable to uninstall any 3rd party software similar to MSI Afterburner since it can cause confict with AMD Wattman ( Even if Wattman is not activated via Radeon Settings).

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