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New 2700x Build full of problems after windows update and various other issues

Question asked by thetornquads on Oct 18, 2018
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First I'll list my build

Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower Chassis PH-ES614P_BK

Motherboard: x470 Gigabyte Gaming 5

CPU: Ryzen 2700x

Memory: Patriot 3000mhz 8gb memory kit

PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 650W 80+ Gold

HDD: Western Digital Black 2tb

M.2 NVME SSD: Samsung 970 EVO


Now into the issues: I put everything together and it all worked pretty decently at first except the motherboard never was able to detect the NVME SSD. No matter what. I have that taken out and back in the box, Waiting on a second one so I can see if it's the slot or the drive that's working wrong. But other than that, everything was running smoothly until windows updated to it's 1803 feature update. Benchmarks, stress testing, everything passing with flying colors, insanely quick video rendering speeds, I was very very happy. As soon as the computer restarted after the update everything went NUTS. First I couldn't access the internet on anything but Microsoft edge and other inner microsoft specific system processes, most of my third party apps and programs stopped working if they had any connectivity to the internet. I managed to sort of solve this by turning off location  services and the various data reporting options, but I still could only use Edge or IE to browse the internet. On top of that, anytime the system would need to display a notification either for facebook, or windows letting me know it had updates, or greenshot saving screenshots and letting me know it saved successfully, or anything else like that the system would freeze for minutes at a time. Eventually, after about an hour or 2, it would freeze up so hard I'd have to manually reset.  It would also hang randomly for shorter increments of time than it would when a notification would pop up. I have my hardware all running stock, bios updated, not even planning on overclocking let alone doing anything that would affect stability there. Speaking with microsoft support they insist the issue must be with the 2700x or my motherboard, one guy even suggesting that my hard drive is too slow for the rest of my system and the reason I'm getting 30 second freezes every minute or 2 is because of that. Is that even a thing? I know the difference between lag and things not working...

I've installed Windows 10 3 different times now and I'm positive it's an issue related to updates, and I've taken steps to prevent updates from functioning this time around, and everything is still fine. This is a seriously big problem for me because I have hardware that does not want to work 100% right until I update Windows 10 (an Elgato Stream Deck, if anyone's wondering, It work, but like, only half it's normal functions, keys don't want to do more than one thing at a time, very weird.) I was wondering if anyone had any similar issues or ideas. If it's not the updates screwing me over another thing it might be is the Motherboard, which I did get used, and as I said before I couldn't get the M.2 slots on it to function at all, as well as some weird behavior in the UEFI like not being able to change setting that I know I can change on one time and then being able to change them the next time I reboot... But mostly, i'm just confused and running out of ideas. I'm going to be asking this in a few places, not just here, hopefully someone will have some ideas. .