Windows 10 Update 1803 - Stutter, freeze, BSOD

Discussion created by eden188 on Oct 20, 2018

Summary if you don't to read my rants:

If you have experienced with any of the above problems during or after Windows 10 Update 1803, and if you can do a clean install. I would STRONGLY advise that you get yourself the latest Windows 10 ISO which includes the 1803 update and do a clean install.



This is not a question or solution to existing problems for people who has updated to Windows 10 Update 1803, but I want to share my painful experience that I thought it was to do with my new AMD Threadripper build.


Initially, I thought it was drivers issue or hardware, and even the cause of the antivirus (BitDefender 2019 Total Security), I have even re-installed a clean Windows 10 numerous time, but as soon as Windows tries to update 1803, it would take at least 4 hours for it to complete, then the mouse would occasionally freeze for a few seconds. The MS Edge browser would failed to respond or hang in some instances, and sometimes running a setup file from Windows Explorer would either BSOD or nothing happens. The worst is when installing Visual Studio 2017, it would not progress any further than 4%, and that's after leaving it for a whole day.


You can probably feel how angry I am just ranting my problems, but when you have spent 4 days and night trying to get to the bottom of the problems, Google for answers and tried everything,


As mentioned, a fresh install of the latest Windows 10 ISO including the 1803 update seems to have bypass all the problems I've had. Visual Studio (36gb of installation) now installs in minutes rather than days, no stutter or freeze. So before you think you have issue with your AMD or hardware, try to do a clean install with the latest Windows ISO.





AMD Threadripper 1920X

AData 64Gb DDR4 3000mhz

Gigabyte X399 Designaire motherboard