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    why so many driver releases with the same number when they are not the same ?


      Ok, so this month alone there have been 3 releases of adrenalin drivers which are ALL numbered 18.10.1 !!!!!


      No automatic update installs these drivers because of the same number !!!!!



      So what's the point again AMD ??? Just doing some more testing without letting customers know about new drivers ??? Cause they won't autoupdate !!!!

      Oh, and why are they all three still beta and not WHQL????   meanwhile dxdiag says it's WHQL when GPU-Z says it's still a beta driver !!!!


      This just doesn't improve in any way, does it, AMD ???   Fine if you want to experiment but do it in a seperate channel before releasing officialy without letting it be know,

      your own driver suite does not see these updates...…


      Your mess is giving me and many others frikkin HEADACHES !!!  Maybe i can be happy the pcibus driver from amd no longer gets installed on my intel machine ey ?

      You seem to have resolved that at least, clean installs did not install the pcibus driver , updates did install it.  What a mess, but it seems solved, for now.

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          One added support for the 580 2048 card, the next added support for another upcoming card.

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            In addition to what black_zion adn goodplay correctly mentioned. The drivers you are complaining about are listed as OPTIONAL FOR EXACTLY THE REASONS YOU ARE STATING. You are choosing to load them, not reading the release notes and then complaining about what YOU did and did not do.


            FYI, Nvidia does exactly the same thing with their beta drivers, the only difference is you have to go to a separate page to get their beta drivers. AMD IMHO more conveniently has theirs together, apparently you don't like this feature. You are entitled to you opinion but are the first I have ever seen complain about it. AMD clearly has it listed as OPTIONAL and clearly says all of what you need to know in their release notes for each driver.


            Why are you wanting auto update to re-install the new driver that only adds support for new cards? You don't have one of those cards and that driver is already loaded properly on your system and yes Radeon Settings knows this and that is why it isn't offering you an update for the same driver.


            You will frequently have 2 version of the same driver as one makes through WHQL validation finally. That process can take a couple weeks with Microsoft, AMD can't control that, and they choose to not have their customers wanting things fixed waiting for fixes they have ready right now. It is far more rare to have these multiple updates. I don't see them more that a few times a year, so not sure why that is a major issue either and when they don't change version numbers it is because they only added hardware support and you wouldn't need that one anyway.

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              And none HAVE to be installed unless you are having an issue stated as resolved, or play a game stated as improved in the release notes, especially as programs can inadvertently be broken as a result. AMD does this so that they can add support for cards or resolve very minor issues, such as driver version numbering, without needlessly pushing out updates,