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Ryzen 2700x and Asus X470-F micro freezing issue

Question asked by superspeed on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by superspeed

Hi Everyone,



i have a question about stability or maybe i am expecting too much.

My system is as follows:



Ryzen 2700x

Asus X470-F latest bios updated

16GB DDR4 Ram **** this is a 4x4 setup 3000mhz gskill Samsung E-Die**** (not QVL but i used ryzen DRAM calc and have it set to a speed of 2933mhz)


750W Thermaltake Gold Plus Grand PSU



I am having issues where when i am gaming and some times randomly when loading a few things at once i would get a micro system freeze or hang for a couple seconds or so and sometimes i need to hard restart. I am wondering what is everyones bios settings to have this running more stable. My goal is to have the ram run at 3000mhz which i can get it to past a cinebench r15 with no freezing with everything auto except voltage -.0500. Should i be running Level 5 LLC? i am told it helps stabilize the system. I notice when it does freeze the fan slows down and speeds up which sound like a voltage drop or a downclock then when it unfreezes fan speeds up and everything is fine. Any help would be great. If you have some bios settings please post exactly what you have done so hopefully that can help me. Temps are fine no heat issues.