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ryzen 5 1600x does not go under 2055mhz in idle, why? is normal?

Question asked by xfoprofeta on Oct 17, 2018
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Hello I'm new to the forum, yesterday I installed for the first time the ryzen 5 1600x, being new to me I have several doubts / problems.

1) the cpu in idle does not fall below 2055mhz, why? it's normal? I would like to get it down to idle, is it possible? (I use on Windows 10 AMD balanced energy saving with a minimum load of 5% CPU).


2) the cpu temperatures are 50 and 30 in idle, downvolt at 1.18, 3.6mhz, with boost off, are they regular with an aio CM Malster lite 240?ScreenShot_20181017183818.png

3) Hwinfo tells me very high temperatures on vrm and auxiliary, could you give me an explanation? (mobo Asrock b450m pr4)ScreenShot_20181017184444.png