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    que tarjeta grafica radeon me recomiendan


      Buenas tardes, compré el modelo Gygabyte GV-N105TOC-4GD y al parecer no es compatible con mi computadora que es una Hp p7-1080la con motherboard Cleveland-GL8, procesador intel core i7, 16 gb ram PC3-10600, fuente de poder de 600w, Socket =LGA 1155, Chipset=Intel H67, sistema operativo windows 8.1.. Al conectar ese modelo de tarjeta grafica no cargaba el sistema operativo pero si podia ver la pantalla de inicio de hp. Probé la tarjeta gráfica en otra computadora y funciono sin problemas. Agradecería mucho su asesoría ya que ando buscando algo con estas especificaciones.

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          Hi moracrack


          I think that at most a Radeon RX 550 or 560 4GB could work on your system but … you must take into account some important factors before buying in order to avoid disappointments afterwards:


          1 - HP is a preconfigured PCs manufacturer being responsible for their BIOS and the possible locks introduced through code to avoid the hardware upgrades of their customers outside the warranty period, this may happen to you ... or not.


          2 - Your motherboard is Legacy BIOS (no UEFI), the official specifications of AMD Radeon RX 550/560 do not mention UEFI requirements to work properly

          and your BIOS has not been updated since 2011, with this I mean that it is not certain that a modern GPU will work in an ''old'' system, there is very little information about GPU upgrades with the Cleveland-GL8.


          3 - The most powerful processor you can use in an i7-26xx and it may happen that the GPU is the most powerful component of your system, if this happens you may feel a disappointment with the expected performance.


          4 - AMD does not offer drivers for Radeon RX 550 or 560 with Windows 8.1



          My advice: Do not buy anything without informing you that you can return it later if you can not upgrade your GPU successfully.



          I hope I have helped you and regardless of what you decide to do share your experience here ... in English please







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            According to your GPU Part number you have a Gigabyte 1050TI  Nvida GPU card installed.


            Here is the latest Nvida GTX 1050TI Driver from Nvida Support: Drivers | GeForce


            If you still are having problems, I would open a Ticket with HP Support or Nvidia Support or post your question at Nvida Forum from here: https://forums.geforce.com/default/board/33/geforce-drivers/