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    AMDRyzenMasterDriver Potential Crash Fault


      For a while now I've been trying to stop this weird computer crash that I've been getting. All my hardware checks out okay with every component being analyzed for corruption. Yesterday I got a new video card on the cheap to see if the Video Card was the problem, and today I'm hit with the same BSOD. Today I ran the driver verifier in windows and came up with the reason being the AMDRyzenMasterDriver.sys. Any help or insight would be appreciated. I also have the minidump files from the first crash and the driver verifier crash that I induced.


      CPU: AMD R5 1600x

      GPU: EVGA GTX 1060 6gb

      PSU: 650w EVGA Gold+

      Motherboard: AsRock Killer x370 sli/ac

      Ram: Ballistix @2667mhz


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          Hi zeolith


          Has your ASRock motherboard the latest BIOS version installed?


          BSODs still happen with all default settings in BIOS?


          Have you installed any version of AMD Chipset Drivers?  if yes, which version?  from AMD website support or from ASRock website support?


          Which version of Windows 10 have you installed?  1803 Build 17134.345 or 1809 Build 17763.55?  is already updated?


          Have you checked the health of Windows File System with DISM and SFC tools?


          Have you inconveniences to uninstall AMD Ryzen Master?