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Display problems after Win10 Pro 64 update

Question asked by ptp on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2018 by ptp

My NEC Spectraview 2690 does not work properly after the latest Win10 Pro forced update.  It can only display 1280x768px. The native 1920x1200px is not selectable. Tried to uninstall AMD drivers and reinstall the latest version as well as updating the installed driver via Windows update. Nothing works... The drivers are shown in the list but my feeling is that Windows does not allow the installation of another drive than the one that it has identified as the best one...


I use a Radeon Pro WX5100 Graphics Card, Win10 64 Pro, NEC Spectraview 2690 Reference. During the boot process there appears a small window in the upper right corner which also displays the 1280x768px resolution.


Any idea?


Thank you,