Antec HCG 1000 : Impressions

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EDIT : Retitle to remove review. As stated I do not have the equipment to properly review a power supply. I meant to get around to changing the title but I forgot!




Power supplies are sometimes overlooked as the most crucial part of your system. Everyone is concerned about how much video card power or RGB unicorn puke they have. Sorry to say.. the power supply is by far the most important part of a PC. Make sure you plan your build with a great power supply before you start tossing video cards and RGB at it. The best practice is to try to hit around 80% of maximum wattage for the best efficiency and plan for the future as a PSU can last quite a long time.


So currently I'm using this power supply my open loop build "Project Shoehorn". Shoehorn has a 1700x and a 1080ti in it. It was built to be powerful and run as silent as possible. Unfortunately I had a power supply that was spinning up so loud that I could hear it through my headset and it seemed to be causing some issues with sound. Antec reached out and asked if I'd be interested in taking a look at the HCG 1000 as a replacement for my Silverstone ST1200-PT. Now before anyone thinks I'm hating on the ST1200 I'm not, it is a fantastic PSU I just ended up getting a wonky one. A SATA cable popped on the PSU side and I don't think they will accept and RMA.


So lets get into this HCG 1000!




The HCG 1000 is a beefy power supply with a 10 year warranty, 80 Plus Gold efficiency, a plethora of rails and a sleek orange-gold chassis, The cabling is bundle sleeved and all wires are black from stem to stern. Cable extensions are a great addition to add a more clean look to your rig but the blackout style will do just fine otherwise. The EPS cable is long enough to reach quite far but for the biggest of cases I'd plan on cable extensions. Not a fault of the PSU but a suggestion should you have a full sized case you should know what to expect.


There's really not a ton I can say about a power supply. I don't have any test equipment to run ripple and load tests so you'll have to take my word for it's performance. It runs cool, quiet and have a boatload of overhead for future upgrades. It's also extremely attractive! So if you're looking for a solid power supply to last you the next decade, the HCG 1000 watt is a great choice!