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    vcore jump to 1.525 


      I have  new r7 2700x cpu in a gigabyte aorus extreme gaming mobo , under full load vcore is 1.318 and drops to .8 vcore idle " windows balanced mode " but for whatever reason bumps up to high vcore for a fraction of a second , saw this once I opened ryzen master " no over clocks has been done " and use hwinfo64 to log highest vcore which is 1.525 which seems extremely high, is this normal operation for the chip or should I rma this cpu  mobo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                only thing i can think of is a bad or poorly designed llc if this isn't normal for this chip                                                                       

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          What is llc, t77chevy?  Please post your Ryzen Master (RM) screenshot.  Also post your specifications.  You should rely on RM for your measurements not a free application.  You should be running Ryzen Balanced power plan.  Please DL the latest AMD chip set drivers ONLY from the AMD driver DL site.  It contains the Ryzen Balanced.  I would say it is way too soon to talk about RMAs.  Are you crashing, CPU temperature high (measured by RM) or just these observed spikes?  Any other symptoms?  Enjoy, John.

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              It's hard to capture a screenshot as it does this bounce vcore quickly and drops back down , it's never under load when it happens , I can try the and balanced but all reviews site / YouTube reviewers are stating run just balance for the 2xxx series , I'm at work but will try it tonight after work , not like it's hard to change , I used hwinfo64 as it keeps highest recorded so it's easy to see /display


              System specs

              Windows 10 pro

              R7 2700x " raystorm pro wb"

              32g dominator platinum 3000mhz cl14 " Samsung b die "

              Gigabyte aorus extreme gaming Mobo " latest bios "

              Sli 1080ti aorus extreme wb edition

              Psu evga 1200watt platinum

              Loop consists of two V3EXTREME 480 rads in push / pull and two d5 industrial pumps , temps are never an issue , all inside emy old trusty Corsair 900d case

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              Hi t77chevy


              I recommend you read this: https://community.amd.com/thread/228343



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